LAYNE: Just another band out of Boston. Did pretty well. Left and hid for awhile. Moved to LA to spread peace and love. Layne is a new name. Goal: trying to break your heart unknowingly while you bob your head. The EP "Up From Down" was recorded in Studio City, CA with Michael Eisenstein producing. The band members on the EP were all at some point part of the lovely and amazing Boston music scene and now we all live in LALALAND; trying to keep it real.

The musicians: Laurie Geltman (songs/vocals/guitars), Michael Eisenstein (guitars/bass/b. vocals/producer), Fred Eltringham (drums/percussion), Peter Adams (all sorts of keys and cool sounds), Stevie Blacke (violin, cello, viola) and Kay Hanley and Michelle Lewis (aka The Dilettantes) on backing vocals. Fred has been touring non-stop with the Dixie Chicks. His regular band is The Wallflowers. Peter is a much in demand session & touring musician, but also writes and sings his own songs. He's played with so many great artists and bands (Michael Penn, Juliana Hatfield, Tracy Bonham, Tears For Fears, Michelle Shocked...too many to list!) Aside from being an amazing guitarist and hot up-and-coming producer, Michael also gigs with Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), Lisa Loeb, Our Lady Peace, and Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt) among others. Kay Hanley is a rock star and Michelle Lewis is a successful songwriter and phenomenal singer. As a band leader under her own name, Laurie performed with Aimee Mann, Patty Griffin, Morphine, Joe Cocker, Susan Tedeschi, Lilith Fair '98 (Sarah M., Luscous Jackson, EmmyLou Harris, Natalie Merchant), Jonatha Brooke, Eric Burdon, Rick Danko, Old 97's, Leon Russell, etc. But let's clean the slate. Click below, Buy Now, WE LOVE YOU! - LAYNE

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